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Forex Trading on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all traders. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade forex you should carefully consider your trading objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. It is possible that you could lose some or all of your initial capital and therefore you should not trade money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with forex trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. Having said that, anyone with a sound mind can trade Forex but he must be aware of the risks involved as highlighted above.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NextView of Forex Trading

The other weekend I was at NextView to attend their Forex Trading preview. Unlike the normal preview, this was a whole day affair as in addition to Forex, there was also a preview on Options trading, an unusual combination since one would normally just trade one or the other. Another unusual thing was that there was a free buffet lunch thrown in as well so this was certainly good value since it was free! No wonder the turn out was a full house, probably 200+ participants.

The talk in the morning was given by Les Szancer who spoke on Options Trading and promoting his course in August. Since this was not my option, I just waited for the lunch and then the afternoon session on Forex, which was my main course. Just some details on the Options course in case some of you are interested. It is a two-day affair and the cost is RM2,500 with a same day joining fee of only RM1,990 so this is definitely the cheapest Options course as far as I know. I wonder if the Mirriam Options course is still charging RM12,000 , wow!

Lunch was rather chaotic with the big crowd and it could have been better organised. Anyway, the Forex talk was on after lunch with Don Schellenberg. He claimed to have introduced Forex Trading into Malaysia and to be one of the pioneer Forex trainers. His handout was certainly the best so far, with a whooping 142 slides. Of course he did not have enough time to go through all of it and his emphasis was on Fibonacci and Elliot Wave. No prize for guessing the name of his course that he was promoting - Trading Forex with Elliot Wave & Fibonacci.

Apparently this is not really geared for brand new beginners, I suppose his target are those current traders who needed something more than the usual technical indicators to improve their trades. Even in his preview, he never explained what Forex is or the advantages of Forex Trading so beginners were probably at a loss. His course is also for 2 days and the cost is RM3,888 with a free Asus PDA GPS phone thrown in.

In his talk, as a bonus, he mentioned 3 trade setups but he just rushed through them and this is what I could remember.
1. The Holy Grail (???) - Use the combination of ADX and bars above the 20Moving Average to spot a trend.
2. The Squeeze - watch the narrowing bandwidth of the Bollinger Band before a big move.
3. Daily Pivot - Pick high and low for the day.

This probably covers all the major Forex courses that are currently available locally. Our potential traders here are spoilt for choice in terms of the number of courses available. So attend some free previews, take your pick and become a Forex trader. Happy trading.

Ronald Kwok

Friday, July 17, 2009

Forex trading by Kishore (PowerUp Capital)

The last time I attended this Forex preview, it was Kishore himself who gave the talk but this time it was one of his students, one Rajesh. Of course, Kishore was a pro in public speaking but nevertheless Rajesh also gave a good account of himself. Not sure if this was part of the strategy as he told a sob story just like what Kishore did the last time. Also a clip of Nick (Vujicic, the one without limbs) was shown to give a motivational push, nothing wrong with that. Playing on your psychology?

Anyway back to the forex course. This is a 2 days and 1 night course and it costs RM498 x 12 months or a total of RM5,976 where you'll be taught 10 trading techniques. Apparently this is software driven with buy and sell signals probably based on technical indicators as well.

As usual, there were plenty of students testimonials. The advantage they have here is that they have Bellum Tan, the Robert Kiyosaki Asian Ambassador as an ex-student and he is making plenty of money so it is definitely a strong draw card.

There are the usual support with a trading classroom locally for three nights of the week. This is the most expensive course fees so far but they claim to have the largest number of students locally. May well be true since they have been promoting their courses very aggressively and they have been running courses in many other countries as well.

It is really quite difficult for somebody to decide which course to take since there are so many different classes available at varying costs. My next preview will be the one by NextView.

Ronald Kwok

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Forex Trading by Lily Thniah

Last weekend I dropped wife at a cooking class and since I had time to kill before picking her up, I attended another Forex preview. This time it was the one conducted by Madam Lily Thniah. I actually have attended her preview before, about one and a half years ago so it is good to see what she had to offer this time around and to give my readers the latest pricing for her course.

In the last preview, the intro was done by one of her students but this time, Lily did the whole preview herself. Her presentation was much better than the last time (if I remember correctly) and she gave a fairly comprehensive introduction to Forex Trading. There were a lot of video testimonials by her students and samples of some of their trade statements.

Her strategy seems to be based on Technical Analysis, probably candlestick and trends combined with other indicators. She mentioned 27 trades in one day so it may also be some form of scalping. She also emphasised on discipline and using different time frames.

Hers is a 2-day course followed by weekly support classes. The fees? A list price of RM5,500 with discount down to a round figure of RM5,000 with other support such as daily reports, e-mail, hands-on trading, etc.

The syllabus covers all the basics of Forex Trading so the secret will be her trading strategies. I wonder if any of her students are willing to share that here.

I think I will attend one of the Forex previews by Kishore since the advertisement is appearing in the newspaper almost everyday. This will complete my survey on Forex courses that is currently available.

Ronald Kwok